3 Walls

“Match colour game + Faster”

Dev diary:
      Game idea came up while I am walking home. 4 Colours. use arrow key for send block into 4 directions in limit time
and fast gameplay. It took me 4 hours to finish first prototype. Game is very hard for me when It has 4 directions. I decided to reduce into 3 directions and change name into “3 Walls” 😀
     I took colour pallets from ColourLover.com , BGM from PlayOnLoop.com and try to use simple UI because I want to finish it in weekend. (Hurray!! one game a week)
After reduce into 3 directions. It still hard because I don’t know what colour come next. I can’t made score more than 60.


รูปภาพ 1   รูปภาพ 2
    I changed design and add next colour for made it easy. 🙂
รูปภาพ 3   รูปภาพ 4


Play this game: Click Here


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