Forever Alone Paddle

“Poor Paddle”



         In the world of P-ng, there is a paddle that has never been chosen. So he found a new way to play a P-ng by himself. He practices everyday and he hopes that one day, someone will choose him….poor paddle.


         – Dont let ball cross the line.


        – Up, Down arrow keys for move paddle.
– Touch on screen for move paddle. (on mobile)

Play this game: Click Here


Dev Diary:

First idea. I want to make a pong game but I don’t want to make AI. I go with this idea and design everything in paper.
I chose some keyword “Loop”. Put it into gameplay that will made player play will themselves. ( problem solved. – NO AI.)
I read from somewhere that game should have story. So, I added background story. It helped me to get more ideas for gameplay. I chose some ideas that I can made it in time. ( 1 week or early)…. Yeah!! I finished it in 4 days. 😉