19 Feb: Hiking, First time.

It start from I bought a book about walking in Australia. I plan to go many times but I always have reasons for not to go.   Until last Saturday (14 Feb 2014). I feel like I am not productivity for past few weeks. I should do something to put me out from this state. So, I pack my bag and go hiking. My destination is “Cronulla Station“. (and take a bus to Kurnell)   I walk from “Botany Bay Nation Park” -> “Cape Solander Track” ->”Bate Bay” -> Walk along the beach to “Cronulla Station“. I thought distance should be around 9 KM. In the first 30 minutes. I still saw some people walk passed me. It made me feel safe. If something bad happen. I can ask someone for help. I continue walking to “Cape Solander Track“. After I get into “Cape Solander Track“. The path worse than before. It has…


02 Feb: Global Game Jam 2015

Dev Diary: I made this game from this idea. What player do if game has a useless tutorial. I used clippy as a mascot for Player Assistance. It will help player pass through each level. He will teach player what player need to do but he will tell player after player did it. I still used PaperJS because I need to play around with this framework. (work related) Source code very mess because I hardcode everything. So, It will do something weird in the way I want. 🙂