Hiking, First time.

It start from I bought a book about walking in Australia.
I plan to go many times but I always have reasons for not to go.



Until last Saturday (14 Feb 2014). I feel like I am not productivity for past few weeks.
I should do something to put me out from this state. So, I pack my bag and go hiking.
My destination is “Cronulla Station“. (and take a bus to Kurnell)


I walk from “Botany Bay Nation Park” -> “Cape Solander Track” ->”Bate Bay” -> Walk along the beach to “Cronulla Station“.
I thought distance should be around 9 KM.

In the first 30 minutes. I still saw some people walk passed me. It made me feel safe. If something bad happen. I can ask someone for help. I continue walking to “Cape Solander Track“.

After I get into “Cape Solander Track“. The path worse than before. It has many swamps and I wear a running shoe. After I walk pass through them. My shoes has a lot of water inside.

I walk for a while until I realise that I didn’t see anybody for an hour.
All I can see are bush, swamp, insects, little lizard, etc. Fear came upon me.


I should do something to make me feel safe. Do I need any equipment? I didn’t have hiking pole but I put clothes hanging in my bag.
(I came out with an idea. I will know what I need to use for hiking after this trip. So, Go first buy it later.)

It didn’t help to much in physical but I feel more safe. If something bad happen. I can hang my self on a tree to make someone notice me when they passed. 🙂

I finished this trip in almost 5 hours and walk around 15 Km.
I found 1 snake, 1 big spider when I walk through the bush.


hk-botany-national-park hk-cape-solander-01 hk-cape-solander-02 hk-cape-solander-03 
hk-cape-solander-04 hk-cape-solander-05 hk-bate-bay