2017 February


19 Feb: miniStrike DevLog#9

         Another small update. I re-design noodle boss. It backed to original concept. Put him in the box and give him a chopstick instead of being plain noodles. Now he has another move to attack the player. 🙂

sausage appear

07 Feb: miniStrike DevLog#8

          Small update. I created new enemy for level 3. “Sausage“, It will jump into screen and continue fire 3 bullets at a time. Also, I redesign some enemies to make it suitable with another. :3

New graphics

04 Feb: miniStrike DevLog#7

           Games is everything. I always enjoy making games. After start this project last month.  I like to see progressing on this project. So, I kept working on this project everyday after my day job or in the weekend.