Global Game Jam 2017


        My 3rd participated in Global Game Jam. It quite complicated. It start when I form a team. It has 4 people. 2 programer(include myself), 1 artist, 1 game designer. Everyone start giving ideas. I wanted to make and action game. “Microwave man run around and kill people or monster.” It seem they didn’t like it and we end up with “Tower defend” + “Newton’s cradle”.

        We start develop without thinking enough. How to play the game. They think If game has a lot of pendulums moving around. It will automatically fun. So, I didn’t know what to say then I started coding. I let them took care about game design. ( It’s my bad. ) The loop from past game jam came back what different is I didn’t leave the team.

        We finished prototype after 18 hours. Art assets look great gameplay the same as we discuss. Everyone sat together and hit play button, Game start, Creep spawning and we push the pendulums. Pendulum start hit another pendulums and created chain reaction all over the screen.

        Creeps died, Particle effects display, Pendulum kept moving, Everything look great except player didn’t need to play anymore after few clicks to moved pendulums. We didn’t know what to do next.

        After few hours passed. We still can’t make it work. We start looking for new ideas and tried to made another prototype. Artist start working for a new assets. He look tired. He went away for awhile and when he came back. He started packing his stuff. He said “I will come back tomorrow 10 A.M.”.  He never came back.

          Next day. Game designer tried to fixed a game by changed how to interactive with pendulums. Game can be playable. So, We finished the game.

f.y.i. I created 2 games this year. “Newton’s Defence” and “WAVE Jumping” 🙂

Newton's Defence

GGJ page: link

WAVE Jumping

Dev Log: link

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