A flower and stacking fleshes’s dev log.

I made game in a week about stacking block of fleshes to make it taller. This is dev log for this game.

After I have finished watching “Brightburn” last week.
I felt like I want to make a game with horror and gore in it.

I started my first idea with a game about combined human together but It’s difficult to fit this idea into gameplay mechanic. So, instead of using full human body size. I use some part of the body instead.

Everything turns out great. I could felt something.

After that, I tried to add more and more ideas into the game. It started to become something I didn’t like and It can’t fit in a weekly schedule.

I have tried to push it with adding more amount of work and It still not getting better and I have time to sleep less and less.

In the end, I cut off many ideas and kept only core ideas and I finished this game in a week.


Playable on this url: https://oab.itch.io/a-flower-and-stacking-fleshes

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