2019 in review

A year in review.

  • Almost 2 years with “minimalist lifestyle”. It makes me be more focus on what important. I own less stuff and It makes me happy. I think I will keep up with “minimalist” for another year.
  • After neglect, my financial for many years and It keeps my anxiety up every time I think about it. I decided to start fixing this issue in mid-2019. Now I have my financial secure with 6 months of an emergency fund, no debt and a plan for saving/investment.
  • I made 2 games in 2019 and many games that I have made start to disappear from AppStore.
  • I have made tutorial videos(never publish) about making a game on pico8 and I enjoy doing it. I hope I can publish them in 2020.
  • I bought an annual pass for Sydney aquarium and I go twice a month. “dugong” very cute.

Summary, It’s a year that I start fixing my issues and find something I enjoy.

ps. I attached a picture of dugong’s penis. 😉

Happy new year.


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