I start making ministrike again after years passed and it is 50% done. :)



This project started in 2017 as a shmup game that came from an unfinished project from GBJam. It passed many iterations from 4 colours palette, hiring a designer for making art assets, changing target platforms, changing themes. It became active and inactive many times in past years. It’s a result of the scope of the game kept getting bigger every time when I was working in this project.


In early 2020, I enjoy making small games using pico8 and because of the limit of the engine. It prevents putting every new idea into the games. So, I decided to give it a go for “ministrike” again. And because of the limitation of the sprite. I need to change game direction from sprite base into something else. I started with the minimalist style until I played a shmup game called “Rym 9000”. I really like visual effect in this game. I was trying to make game vibe to feel close to it and I accidentally made the glitching effect.

Yes, I found visual direction for “ministrike”

Next was gameplay, I decided to go with a bite-size level that player can finish the level in a short time. The game will consist of 15 levels in 5 different areas with a boss-fight in each area. It took me 3 months to finish base code, 4 areas and logic of 9 different enemies. The rest are polishing scripts for spawning enemy in each level, intro/ending story and hiring composer for music and SFX.

I will continue part 2 after I finish and ready to release this game later.

Screenshots ( 2017 - 2020 )

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