19 Feb: miniStrike DevLog#9

         Another small update. I re-design noodle boss. It backed to original concept. Put him in the box and give him a chopstick instead of being plain noodles. Now he has another move to attack the player. 🙂


22 Jan: WAVE Jumping

            “WAVE Jumping” is solo-project that I created in Global Game Gam 2017. I made it when I take a break from “team project”.  I start making jumping box that can call neighbor boxes to jump with it. I keep playing with theses boxes for a while.


02 Feb: Global Game Jam 2015

Dev Diary: I made this game from this idea. What player do if game has a useless tutorial. I used clippy as a mascot for Player Assistance. It will help player pass through each level. He will teach player what player need to do but he will tell player after player did it. I still used PaperJS because I need to play around with this framework. (work related) Source code very mess because I hardcode everything. So, It will do something weird in the way I want. 🙂


08 Mar: Number Zero

            After I lived in Australia. I sent a lot of CV for applied job and I done many tests. All of them  need me to coding. So, I have idea If I put some game logic into the test. Maybe, I will fun while I am coding.             I made a new game from one of skill test. It need few seconds to tell the story before game begin. enjoy 😉


07 Mar: Dandy

         MiniLD#49 is My First participate GameJam in this year. The rule is finish game in 4 days. The theme is non- human. I thought I could make it in time If I had a good plan. So, I chose Cocos2d-Html because game should play on web-site and I familiar with cocos2d syntax. I started with simple idea “One-Button Game, Small Stage”.

25 Feb: Me in Australia.

              Dec 2013, I came to Australia. I plan to stay for a year.(visa condition) So, I need to find a job and It is very lucky. I had a job in first week. I think I can live and travel. It will be fun. 😀