a bite-size level shmup game.

Tool: pico8
Genre: horizontal shmup
Platform: windows, osx, linux, raspberry pi
Develop time: Feb 2020 – Present
Size: 16 catridges
Release date: (Maybe)August 2020

“miniStrike” is unfinished project from GBJam. It’s shmup game with a limit of colour palette, screen resolution and bite-size levels. It has 15 levels with 5 different areas.

Development logs
Current progress


Logo screen. ( Done )
Title menu. ( Done )
Intro story. ( Done )
Select menu sfx.
BGM. ( Optional )
Intro story sfx.


First area. 3/3 levels. ( Done )
Second area. 3/3 levels. (Done)
Third area. 1/3 levels.
Fourth area. 0/3 levels.
Fifth area. 0/1 levels.
BGM. 0/2
Player explode sfx.
Player bullet hitting enemy sfx.
Small size enemy explode sfx.
Medium size enemy explode sfx.
Large size enemy explode sfx.
Boss warning sfx.
Level cleared sfx.


Score result ui. ( Done )
BGM. ( Optional )
Received extra life sfx.


Ending story.
Ending sfx.
BGM. ( Optional )

Good to have.

Support choosing game difficulty.