New graphics

04 Feb: miniStrike DevLog#7

           Games is everything. I always enjoy making games. After start this project last month.  I like to see progressing on this project. So, I kept working on this project everyday after my day job or in the weekend. 


29 Jan: miniStrike DevLog#6

            Noodle boss is finish. It took a lot time to finish. Most of the time I spent on the graphics because I draw each tentacles separate and 1 tentacle has 3 frames. :’)


22 Jan: Global Game Jam 2017

        My 3rd participated in Global Game Jam. It quite complicated. It start when I form a team. It has 4 people. 2 programer(include myself), 1 artist, 1 game designer. Everyone start giving ideas. I wanted to make and action game. “Microwave man run around and kill people or monster.” It seem they didn’t like it and we end up with “Tower defend” + “Newton’s cradle”.


22 Jan: WAVE Jumping

            “WAVE Jumping” is solo-project that I created in Global Game Gam 2017. I made it when I take a break from “team project”.  I start making jumping box that can call neighbor boxes to jump with it. I keep playing with theses boxes for a while.