Me in Australia.

              Dec 2013, I came to Australia. I plan to stay for a year.(visa condition) So, I need to find a job and It is very lucky. I had a job in first week. I think I can live and travel. It will be fun. 😀

              Jan 2014, 1 month in Sydney. I realise the clock run faster than Thailand. Everything start on Monday and end in Sunday. I used few weeks for work and sleep. Just Make money, Pay the rent, No time to travel. ( at least I had time to develop game/application)

             Feb 2014, I tried to work less and gain more fun. I started by buy a bicycle. I travel around Sydney every weekend. (Bondi Beach,Watson Bay are good place to go) I will join game jam as much as I can that It will force me to release new game every month.

So, I have a new game for you. 😉
Dandy” game for MiniLD#49 theme: non-human.
idea: Control the dandruff avoid obstacles and send him home.


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