Blocks tower: GMTKJam2020

I take a break from ministrike project by making another small game.

This year, I decided to participate in GMTKJam. I felt like I wanted to do something to take my mind of the current project. The theme for this year is “Out of control”. After browsing on twitters, I found tweets about a game called “Townscaper”. It looks simple and interesting. I used it as an initial idea.

The first day, I had a game with drop blocks to combine into a small building. It’s good enough but It still not match with the theme.

The second day, I wanted to add chaos into the game. It will enough to cover the theme. I had planned to have multiple disasters but I didn’t want to over-scoped and implemented only one. “Fire”. It means spreading of the fire, people jump off the building and people run around while burning. It sounds nice.

If you are interesting. you can play it here.

What's next?

The jam version is good enough but I still have many things that I want to add into the game. Maybe,  After I finish the current project. I will continue the development of this game.

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