miniStrike Released

What did I do after released miniStrike until now?

It almost 4 months since miniStrike released on steam and
If anyone follow this dev logs and interested in miniStrike. please buy my game. 🙂

What have I done for past months?
– I tried using new language “rust” by doing Advent Of Code 2020. I finished only 19 out of 25 puzzles. 
– I spent mostly New Years holidays played dota2 and my skills are horrible after stop playing for a year.
– I started working on a new shmup project called “Flesh“. It is a sprite-base shmup game. It mean I have to moved from pico8 to something else and I picked “rust” language and “tetra” framework. Currently, everything going well. I have a playable version. (picture below)

– I joined GGJ21 and made a prototype game called “One man“. It’s about a person search for break-out creature in underground facility. It is side-scrolling shmup game.