Shadows of the damned

“Shadows of the damned”

It’s very impssive. game have a lot of thing that I like.

– conversation.

– shot game for each chapter.

– weird monster.

– boss.

– blood and gore.

Story : this game is about demon hunter “Hotspur” that try to help his girl from hell.

some event in this game.

– game opening with scream and he found girlfriend hanging.

he just stand and doesn’t do anything until demon come.

He fight and leave her hang. (demon bring her down to the floor)



– demon with 6 eyes bring her to hell.



– you must feed the door. (eyes,brain,strawberry)



– don’t forget to find the goat.



– leave her alone. you can’t do anything. (script)

Game trailer

3:37AM 11 sep 2011

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